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B2 First 2020

Page history last edited by Mary Di Mónaco 2 years, 10 months ago

Welcome First 2020!


Let's begin by visiting Cambridge English page and having a look at the FIRST exam overview. Click HERE or on the image below and you'll get to a page like this:




EXAMINATION DATES FOR 2019: Be careful, this hasn't been updated yet!!!


Here you can see the examination dates for this year. Remember that in our town the only ones that are offered are those in December, March and June. The computer-based exam is not yet fully implemented but we can always find out what's available if you are interested in doing the exam this way. You can consult more dates HERE







JUNE: betwen 2nd March and 15th April

NOVEMBER/DECEMBER: between 3rd August and 15th September




On THIS PAGE, you'll find:

  • lots of useful tips to prepare for the different papers.
  • paper-based sample tests
  • computer-based sample test

DO take advantage of them!!!! 





Clicking on THIS LINK, you'll have the chance to take a test to see where you are standing now. Give it a go!




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