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Dear B2 First Students: Welcome to your wiki!



Here you will find lots of exercises and activities to further your knowledge and improve your skills. As you can see below, there are three grids:

  • In the first one you'll find material that accompanies the book Complete First
  • In the second onethe links lead to materials that are sequenced so as to accompany the book Gold Experience B2

  • In the third one, the links lead to materials to supplement the book Objective First
  • The fourth one contains different materials that we have compiled along the years. 
  • We particularly recommend you visit the PRACTICE EXAMS section here. There are many exams that can be done online as well as others that you can download




B2 First. All the things you should know and do before sitting for the exam :)


Information for candidates (PDF)


1-Key facts.


2-Exam format




4-Do you have a disability or special requirements?


5-Exam essentials  


6-Free online learning activities 


7-Write and improve 


8-Speak and improve


9-Benefits of digital exams  


10-Watch the video tutorial for help on how to complete a B2 First digital exam


11-Digital writing sample test 


     HERE you'll find 67 extra Listening Tests for you to practise.

     HERE you will find 100 key word transformation sentences                     


      FIRST ExamBooster.pdf   you can find the book and the audio in the PRACTICE EXAMS section here


     To improve your writing, there's now a fantastic page you can use. Visit the writing section to learn more about it.


Book Complete First

If you click on the links below, you'll find unit-by-unit extra material. 


General Information/Free Test/

2024 Dates 

LISTENING TO HAND IN  Unit 1 (Complete) Unit 2 (Complete)  Unit 3 (Complete) 
Unit 4 (Complete) Unit 5 (Complete) Unit 6 (Complete) Unit 7 (Complete)

Unit 8 (Complete)


Unit 9 (Complete)


Unit 10 (Complete) Unit 11 (Complete) Unit 12 (Complete) Unit 13 (Complete)

Unit 14 (Complete)


  Speaking  Collocations 



Book Gold Experience B2

LISTENINGS TO HAND IN   Practice Exams      Speaking                  Writing                    



Book Objective First

If you click on the links below, you'll find unit-by-unit extra material. This will be constantly updated to accompany our progress through the year ahead. 


General Information/FreeTest/

2019 Dates 

LISTENING TO HAND IN Unit 1 (Objective)  Unit 2 (Objective)

Unit 3 (Objective)


Unit 4 (Objective)


Unit 5 (Objective)
Unit 6 (Objective)

Unit 7 (Objective) 

Unit 8 (Objective)

Unit 9 (Objective)


Unit 10 (Objective)
Unit 11 (Objective)
Unit 12 (Objective)
Unit 13 (Objective)

Unit 14 (Objective)


Unit 15 (Objective) Unit 16 (Objective) Unit 17 (Objective) Unit 18 (Objective)

Unit 19 (Objective)


Unit 20 (Objective) 

Unit 21 (Objective)

Unit 22 (Objective)
Unit 23 (Objective) 

Unit 24 (Objective)





Extra material for the four papers:


The links in the table below will take you to pages with lots of practice for the different papers.



Practice Exams






Use of English:

Theory and exercises

Use of English:

Grammar Quizzes


Use of English:

Multiple-Choice Clozes



Use of English:

Key Word Transformation




Vocabulary Quizzes



Vocabulary Areas






Relevant sites:





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