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Practice Exams

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Track 01.mp3  Track 02.mp3  Track 03.mp3  Track 04.mp3  Track 05.mp3  Track 06.mp3  Track 07.mp3  Track 08.mp3 

 Track 09.mp3  Track 10.mp3  Track 11.mp3  Track 12.mp3 Track 13.mp3 Track 14.mp3 Track 15.mp3 Track 16.mp3

Track 17.mp3 Track 18.mp3 Track 19.mp3 Track 20.mp3 Track 21.mp3 Track 22.mp3 Track 23.mp3 Track 24.mp3

TIP: Print a copy of the test to read offline then use the interactive version to answer the questions.


  • HERE, you'll find extra practice for Paper 3 (Use of English) I hope you find this useful!


  • And HERE, lots of exercises for Paper 3. Tip: make sure you click on NEXT at the bottom of each page to move on to the next set of activities. Note that each of the parts of Paper 3 is practised intensively.


          Once you have finished, you can check your answers here: Key to Student worksheet.docx


  • Exam English: more practice exams. Click on the links for the different papers to do them.


  • Online Practice Test for FCE: this is a sample from Cambridge for the online exam. Just follow the instructions and tutorials and get a taste of the online format.





  • Click HERE to do an authentic listening paper 
  • Some more practice HERE 



Books in pdf format


1. Files from the book of practice exams (Plus)



Look for the audio in the LISTENING TO HAND IN section



2. Exam Essentials (NEW!) 


Cambridge English First 2 Exam Essentils Practice Tests.pdf: the exams in this book are in the new format


Look for the audio in the LISTENING TO HAND IN section


3. Cambridge University Press (CUP) 1:  

CUP 1.pdf


















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