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Useful Vocabulary 

   This is an amazing page with lots of vocabulary for B2 areas and level. This vocabulary is shown in context, in sample questions and answers. 




Cambridge First Speaking: complete tests. Please notice how the examiner gestures for the candidates to discuss a question together in part 4






Part 2: the long turn (picture comparison)


As part 2 of the Speaking Paper is probably the one that poses the most difficulties, here's a document taken from Cambridge reports for past papers, explaining what they expect candidates to do in this part of the exam.


In order to open the document, please click on the link below. That will take you to another page where you will be asked to click on DOWNLOAD in the top bar. You'll then be able to save the document to your computer. Please let me know should you encounter any difficulties to see the document.


Cambridge report for past papers.docx


These are the pictures that go with the report above:











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